Bill Youngman


"Electrostep," Bill Youngman's 1996 release on Serotonin Records stands as a testament to one man's love of electro beats. Cutting, splicing and rearranging beats, he crafted an idealized rendition of electronica, much as Drum and Bass producers did with funk breaks. "Electrostep II" followed a year later, further developing the idea.

Always responding to the times, Youngman found his passion for drum computers and analog machines after years of classical training in guitar and drums. He moved to Berlin in 2001, in search of the perfect beat. There, he became involved with the experimental techno scene, looking for new ways to push the boundaries of music. Along the way he has collaborated with Jamie Lidell, Neil Landstrumm, Cristian Vogel, and Tobias Schmidt.

Today, Youngman presents his high-energy act worldwide, performing in front of audiences ready for an artist who will truly engage them. Dropping beats like bombs and weaving tsunamis of synth lines, he tops off his abstract and off-kilter techno sounds with authentic NYC hip hop elements: beat-boxing, freestyling and hyping up the crowd on the mic. Unlike your average DJ, this man doesn't look like he could be checking emails up in the booth.

Youngman has additional releases on DC Recordings, Null, Tresor, Serotonin and Scandinavia.


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October 5th 2013 Tresor, Berlin Germany
November 1st 2013 Subland, Berlin Germany